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Im an 18 year old financial dominatrix that is here to make your life better with my attention and draining your account. I take no bullshit and don’t have time to waste. I am a queen and you are my peasants and you WILL obey your fucking Goddess.
Country: United States City: Rapid City State: South Dakota
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Rapid City · United States
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Before you Scroll Past..
Think about how fast your heart would be beating just to have the honor to be in my presence. Think of all the things you’ll get the pleasure of talking to me about for just sending a tribute. But also, don’t forget that you’re worthless. And I want nothing to do w you other than drain you of your pathetic money and watch you sit like a good boy. Thinking of having your pathetic body sit at my feet and tell me your information gets Goddess hot. Just look at me. You don’t deserve my attention unless I’m payed to give my attention. You want to give in. You’re going to give in. You can’t fight your addiction and my eyes just draw you in even more. Now open up your fuckin wallet and pay your respects, pig.
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Today Will Be a Good Day
Good morning piggies and betasluts. I expect you to make my day great by checking out the links on my profile, such as my wishlist and PayPal. You can pay your tributes that way today. Get me something off my wishlist or send it through PayPal. After you’ve done that, message me on kik : AutumnBond17 then you will have my attention as soon as that notification goes off. My kik will be open all day!! 💛💛
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Only in Your Fantasy
You’ll never be able to touch me. Unless it’s in a cashpoint meet and you’re bowing down to my boots and kissing them. Until then, not happening. It will never happen. The only thing(s) you get to touch is your wallet to pull out your card. Handing over your chastity key. And pressing “sent” when you send a tribute. You are nothing but a human ATM for me. And since you’re my personal human atm, you’ll get to see me in all the cute clothes I buy. Latex pants. Lingerie. Everything. You’ll think I look so delicious you’ll want to spend more on me. Because you can’t help it. You’ve fallen into the addiction of the CTQueen and you can escape. Plummeting deeper and deeper into debt for my pleasure and your arousal. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Where are my Piggies?
Your suffering is what keeps me going. Knowing you can’t resist me and will send as much as possible tonget my attention is my fuel. Imagining you on your knees at my feet begging me to unlock your cage as I drain your bank account is all I care about. You are worthless swine until you prove to me you have purpose.
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I am your Goddess
I own everything of yours. Your chastity key. Your bank account. Your credit cards. E V E R Y T H I N G Do you understand? You are nothing except a human ATM to me and that is what you get off to. I am your mistress. Your key holder. Your OWNER. Now press send and make your fucking Queen happy.
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You wish ..
Look at this piggies. I bet you wish you were the one who made this mark. But you’re worthless. You can only look. Not touch. Ever. The only thing you are to touch is “send” when you tribute to me. Now bow down to my feet and worship me !
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Come on Piggies
Just look at this body. It owns your wallet.
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Findom Searching for PayPiggie
If you like this pic, there’s more where that came from if you’re an obedient slave who follows my every rule. My body will have you drooling as I drain your account. My words will make you weak and bring you to you knees as you worship my feet and kiss my ass!
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Findom looking for Paypig
I’m looking for a paypig that would be honored to serve me. (As any paypig is LUCKY to serve this queen) I’m gonna rinse and drain your account! If you ya e TEAMVIEWER give your info and let’s have fun.
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