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Trying to earn money to pay off my student loans. I worked hard in school and now I’m looking for something to help me out.
Country: United States City: Lexington State: Kentucky
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Lexington · United States
Website: http://
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in search of pay piggy
I don’t want to know you, I don’t want to date you. I want your money, and I want to humiliate you for it. I don’t beg or ask nicely. You beg to please me and spoil me. Got it?
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I love buttplugs
And I’m sure you’d love to see pictures of one in my ass, wouldn’t you?
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tribute me
And maybe I’ll send you a special photo, a little more than just a tease ;)
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lingerie addiction
I have an addiction to lingerie and am patiently awaiting a new set in the mail today. Can’t wait to show you all :)
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