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♥spoil me♥
Be a good little piggy and serve your one purpose on this planet which just so happens to be fulfilling my every financial need.
Country: United States City: sedalia State: MO
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sedalia · United States
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Looking for loyal cashcows, paypigs, Human ATMs, cash slaves to provide the comfortable life I deserve. Must be patient I will not do things on your time I am the goddess so I expect to be treated as such I do not owe ANY pigs my attention. If interested in being my little human wallet message me so we can discuss what type of findom you are looking for I can be a degrader/humiliator or I can be soft and praise you building you up to be a better person or at least a harder worker from me emptying your pockets. I want you to include your kinks, boundaries, and income as well. Payment will be required after we discuss what you want and I lay down some rules be lucky I don’t demand a tribute to even respond to your sorry ass’s. Some responsibilities my piggies will be in charge of are: ♥Weekly or Bi-weekly tributes ♥Listen and don’t question ♥Call me goddess or Mistress Zen ♥fund my personal life ♥loyal human atm I would hope you pigs could handle such little tasks as those. This Goddess IS needy and greedy so prepare your bank account because I am demanding and I won’t stop. For more information feel free to ask if it is something I have stated on my page previously I will charge your dumbass $10 for each ignorant question. Hope to hear from you soon, Mistress Zenix
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**Forms of payment I accept** *Paypal, CashApp, Amazon gifts* (ask for links in dm) **Becoming a loyal paypig** I require a $25 tribute after we discuss our relationship for you to be able to qualify for my private disc, and go from just a lousy paypig to loyal cashslave scum. **Private discord server :** $50/mo or $250/lifetime *(this server will be the easiest way to get my attention, keep up with my life, see selfies, be publically humiliated with the rest of the pigs, and a nsfw channel that is an additional $25/mo or $50/lifetime)* **Used Clothes:** I know some of your pigs are just so filthy pictures aren’t enough and you want to inhale your goddess natural aroma. For those dirty pigs, I would ask you messaged me with a request of what you want and I will tell you a price. I will also hold raffles so you can gamble for your chance to receive a piece of clothing I will even let you choose what I do when wearing said clothes. **Amazon WL:** Photo shows - anything you gift off this list will be posted being used or on me once received. Private show- anything you gift from this list I will be generous enough to send 2 photos of it being used or on me exclusively for your lustful eyes. (a fee will apply for additional photos) WishList - this is for your pigs who just care about my comfortability this is just basic wants and a few needs I have. **Cam sessions:** NOT OPEN YET (due to change very soon) You pigs should be lucky your goddess is generous enough to offer any sort of return for your slavery, be sure to thank me with your loyalty and worshipping.
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