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Standing at 5 foot even and 135 lbs. I'm short and sexy with all the right curves. I'm a blonde fun sized and ready when you are Daddy! I'm from Texas( even got the southern drawl) Bring it!!
Country: United States City: Longview, tx State: TX
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Longview, tx · United States
Website: http://
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Excuse me, can I tease you a bit? Then...if you like...you can go.
We ate in the super market, I say those words to you... what's your response? Hopefully yes please do. I walk up to you so close I can smell your aftershave. I whisper in your ear, as my hands do the slightest of touches behind your neck, is this ok? Your response?? Yes! My other hand softly grazing your nipple through your t-shirt. I stand in front of you, REAL close, and I caress your bulging muscles on your arms. I moan...mmmmmmmmm! I stopped down to see a coin on the ground, as I raise up slowly with tongue out as I graze your bulging cock through your pants. To be continued
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