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Fuck this site and its dumbass creator
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Deleting since the son of a bitch that owns this site is a woman hating loser.
Country: United States City: Jackson State: Tennessee
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Jackson · United States
Website: http://onlyfans.com/sgthetruth
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Im goign to go ahead and delete this, i found out a while back hat the guy who runs this doesnt believe in paying women. That he thinks sugaring, findom and other ways women are getting even in this male-centered world are pathetic. SO. FUCk this, and fuck my 21 fans that didnt subscribe to my pay sites. Yall can go fuck a shark mouth.
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Full Human Toilet
Lucky YOU! You've gone thru all your sissy maid training, cleaned the toilets, scrubbed the grout with toothbrushes, you even managed to get in some gardening alongside the landscaper... i'm so pleased. So today Goddess has a treat for you you mention every chance you get how badly you'd like to taste more of Me That drinking My golden nectar alone cannot sustain your life you crave the closeness I do You've followed my every word and rule to the letter. Completed countless tasks, mental, physical, sensual So i'll wake you up with a nudge of my foot at your place on the floor take a sip of my ice water and squat over you to prepare for my morning shit your excitement is visible by the strain on your cage, your meat turning red and ten blue now A steaming load of last nights drinks and food you grin and gulp I'm amazed that you could take it all in your mouth like that.. but i did train you well i suppose Such a perfect handy maid you are, lick it all clean sluttie
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Delicious treat for you
You know better than to touch the throne... and without permission, mustve fell and bumped your head. Now here you are, worn, tired and again at my feet Seeing you like this, so bruised and battered from the beatings... it turns me on All the blood in my body boils, and then just like that.. a crack of the whip and im at a simmer... i love you laying at my feet, a surprise and treat for you wincing at my every movement you realize the violent jerking is taking place between my legs you look up, wanton and begging now for just one sweet drip, a splatter, a taste One leg over the chairs am, im comfortable, very into it now.. almost forgot you were even there.. trembling in fear and excitement Toes curling in the pink netting give you some clue of how hot i really am my palm pressed now against my throbbing clit its time... "come here boy" I whisper into your ear, leaning over with sticky fingers rubbing on your ear Come watch me play NOW on: chaturbate.com/b/sauvagegoddess/
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Cornfield cum
Theres not much to do in this small town, but you know a Goddess can bring the freaks out. I invited him over to drive me around, it was all fun and games until we came to a stop in a dark and open field Thats where we were when i first let him feel my warmth Juices flowing down his fingers as he tried not to make eye contact his body whimpered for me to touch it a swift slap between his legs got his fingers moving faster, in and out of me now i reach down and rip them out, only to taste myself, then right back in they go Just a tease for you today darling, lets see what more you can beg for
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YouNow Booted me, im still on LIVE with Meetme under a new pseudoname. BUT, for me REAL REAL fans ive finally made an ONLYFANS for all the booty you can shake your meat to! Lots of vids, some tasks, of course writings and all the fun naughty stuff i cant get away with everywhere else. Onlyfans.com/SGtheTruth
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Brown Noser
You were excited from the moment i told you "by the end of the night your nose will be between these cheeks" We danced, and drank, and sang and danced some more... i know you never thought at your age youd be hanging out at the club scene, and with your younger Domina/Goddess no less... scandalous But theres no better life suit for us My cheeks pressed together, sweaty in a onesie... you imagine all the yummy juices coming together and what it may feel like dragging across your nose tip Now finally back at our nest from a long night of high tease-torture... youre exhausted, and your rock solid meat is tender with chub pains of blue balls. "dont you dare leak a drop!" And just as you open the door, sweep me up off my feet, whisk my shoes off all in one swift motion i reach down and grab your meat... leaning int o your ear to drunkenly blubber "this will be of no use tonight, show me what that mouf can doooo" I lay down, ass perched up towards you as you bow at the foot of the bed... such a lucky boy, how delightful and well behaved youve been all night... and now youre eager for your treat. Well good boy *grabs back of head* "DIG IN"
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Now you can creep me fully on YouNow
Watch me work from my desk, or come chill with me while I Rip the bong. Never a bad choice. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram too!
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Menstruation eater
It always seems that males get more annoying (unbearably so) around the time my vagina is due to shed its lining. So bitchy, useless... and youre not even bleeding! But today i've had enough of your needy ass Get down, open wide Today youre going to taste me in a way you never have before... *pulls blood-drenched tampon from between legs* This is for you. Oh? You dont WANT to eat it? FUCK THAT, and FUCK you I'm going to fuck your mouth with this tampon for being such a whiney little bitch all day- 'Goddess these cuffs are too tight' 'Goddess i cant stand in this position any longer' 'Goddess i'm sick and cant fulfill my obligations' its a good thing you bought that lip retractor off my wishlist... finally get some use of it. Now, sit still while i tie you up... if you struggle is just means i get to brutalize you further *ties wrists at hips, and hips to ankles* Perfect. Now open up, if youre a good boy and eat without me having to force it in your mouth you'll get a special treat. (Comment if you wouldnt need me to force you, leave an email for the special treat)
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Milfy pics
I know you want to see more The curve of my booty in this lace My breasts bursting from the scalloped edges. Don't be a bum, leave tribute and cross to the dark side. I've got an extensive amount of photos from this shoot... You wanna see? Kik me about purchasing info MeanNina And check out my goodiebags on NiTeFlirT NiTeFlirT.com/SauvageGoddess
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Wanna chat me? NiteFlirt
www.niteflirt.com/SauvageGoddess Because sometimes its just not enough seeing me... sometimes you want to hear my breath over the phone. Sometimes you need direct instructions on what you need to be doing. Come use the new chat feature to text with me, or give me a call and find out what play im up to. CALL AT YOUR OWN RISK
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Forced intox
Although I am strict and have a very sadistic side... The feminine energy of nurturing is one of high importance to me, one only shown and entrusted to the most worthy of males. Proven valiant, noble and very fine😜 It was after a long night, of drinking and dancing... And yes there was bit of whip play before we finally decide to settle down He leans in for a kiss at the most opportune moment, such ease and yet effort. :::DENIED::: Feelings crushed, I giggle. "Your face is so cute when your defeated" I, now parading around in your favorite crushed velvet onesie, taunt and terrify you at the thought of what I may now do. I forced you to go shot for shot the whole night, we're both hammered beyond belief... It's lovely seeing how confused you are that I still have my wit's about me. I wrestle you to the ground and hog tie you, hands above your head then lay you on your back. I see you quivering at my every movement. A face full of velvet and ass cheeks is what you receive as reward for finishing all the drinks, planning the night, paying. They leave you breathless and I drunkly fade off to sleep, but not before giving you one last task "Once I'm asleep you make sure you get some hot pics of my ass so you remember your gift in the morning"
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Scapha feel
The way I play with your ear, At first it was just a tickle. You barely noticed my thumb and index finger creeping up the side of your neck Now wafting at your lobe... And when they're cold? I can't help myself but use two hands Warming them up now we move into your second stage. Discomfort. Now that I can't_ won't stop they flush red with circulating blood... Warm skin flaps on the side of your face. It's irritating and invigorating all at once. Give in. I especially to curl the very top of your ear. Cartilage and all.. Rolling it in between my fingers like some painful little ear joint. But I'm still not satisfied. And then it sets in. You realize there is no escape to this. The final stage.... Submission and release. Your head and neck are like puddy in my hands now as I play with your ears... You're in a trance. MY trance. You belong to me now...
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