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I'm gothy I'm fun and petite, I want to live the big life so to get started I need a little dough $$ , you wanna help your princess out? Come on baby ;)
Country: Australia City: Sydney State: Nsw
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Sydney ยท Australia
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So many frauds, stupid pigs thing they can waste my precious time and not hand over a cent. Only real pigs and real atms contact me. Kik: gwmergirl Only message me if you can pay up, up front.
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Sexy little baby
Hiya daddy... little princess wants your wallet. Hand it over so I can touch myself with the cash. That 100$ note feels amazing against my clit. Give me control and send me some and you can get those videos xx
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I'm so wet
I'm so wet you know what makes me wetter? You bowing down and curling up under my soft feet while I empty your wallet.
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Contact me x
You want my number? You have to pay for it. or send me a tribute (here's a pic of my friend on the toilet for all you pervs xx)
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Aren't my friends hot!
You wanna help me and my friends out? A bunch of silly sexual girls... we want tickets and you have the wallets here's my PayPal and make us look cute and you can get a sexy pic of us all. We are waiting boys xx
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Santa baby
Who wants to play secret santa ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป
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What do you want us to do to each other? A little girl on girl fun x
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We I love bra shopping together x
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I HATE being stood up by self conceited piggys. I pity you, I'm making the effort, I'm giving your worthless ass the time of day so once in your pathetic life do what you are told! Don't leave me hanging and pay up! Sorry doesn't cut it.
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Look at what I bought! To buy me more cute shit donate to my great cause, ;)
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Incompetent piggys!! You can't even be a piece of shit without fucking up! When you are stroking that tiny penis at my photos don't forget I'm better than you ever were. tribute and bow down to your queen.
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Am I not worth it?
I'm worth it aren't I? Why isn't anyone reaching out or donating I'm wasting away!! Don't let me slip out of your grasp!!
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Your princess is impatient come on boys show me you're even worth my time! Shower me with affection and cash ! X
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Im struggling baby! I need the money more than anyone!!! And don't you want to spoil little me?? Of course you do, the thought of you caring and sending me $$$ is making me soak through my panties x
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Here piggy piggy, naughty princess will help soothe the pain of carting around that big juicy wallet... hit up my PayPal or gimme a tribute and your money won't go to waste on your miserable ass anymore xx
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Hey baby wanna get me in the cutest lingerie? Hit up my PayPal or gimme a tribute and I'm all pics xxx
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