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Erotica moves throw these words. I am Erotica, hear me and go heavens in a minute..
It has been a minute since you sit on the chair located in the middle of darkened to the maximum room. Everything is unreachable and away. Another minute passed but you can not wait any longer. More and more energies you start to feel, around you..but not too much close to you, you are in a dark place and sensing everything that wants your attention and showing up for your needs. More minutes to pass, it gets pretty puzzling to let go of it. And begins on that point, the game activated. The door opens, a girl with ginger hair and her black cat,..she fastly comes behind you. Breathing, you hear her.. She sat down and put herself on her knees so you could could see how she acknowledges from the start. The cat sat on your knees, thus giving you a vision, a slice of a dream. In the shape of the tingling sensations in the spine, towards legs, then neck, arms..sweaty stuff now..But the to achieve it..the task..your first time here..As you question yourself, the room temperature raises up. The girl says ''hurry up''. ''Don't wait too long or I will be forgotten.'' New sensations came, down, from the heart, to the stomach and that is when you gave up on further questoning. The smell on her hair. She manages in chains, to come near you. She cries, not of being afraid to be forgotten, but of loosing you, missing you. Missing your place in her memories she gathered many years ago. You are her freedom now. She cries in your lap and the salty tears come down to your mouth. At the same time, you suddenly feel it, smell it, feel her wet.. juicy..lips. She weeps and starts to put her tongue deep inside of you.. She opens her mouth with the tongue still inside of you.. Aaahhh, aaaahhhhh. Feelings of erotic bonding, sensual, mutual. You still don't know what to do. You still ask yourself where are you, why did you come.You don't want to be a part of the mission but still want to be complete.The cat came and sat on your arm, starting to move as she can, seeing if she can get you some scratches to open your skin. The girl comes closer to your lap and her head welcomed the wet area you prepared for her. She took the chains you thought was on her and chained you to the chair. She starts to laugh because of this. Because of your confusion. Now you are in position to give all you have.To load sperm all over the place. That is your deepest desire. ''Yes, you are.'' she said, ''and now I am in control of your wants and needs.'' She came touches your lips with her hands and grabbed them, squeeze a little bit. And with the other hand, massaging the neck down from the heart to the stomach,..lower stomach, arousal, your wet dick.. She grabbed it as soon as she felt it wanting her, inside of her. Inside of her fucking brain that is aroused every second. She sees that in you, she wants to squeeze every juice there is..She walks then in her heels around you, marching, you smell her and yell: ''Hey, hey, now what, what are you doing?!'' Silence.. Next moment,she is right in front of your face, smiling like the most desired woman ever, that know how to seduce and bring new desired moment of you, anyone,.. she spits on your face, on your chest, she licks it. ''I want it, I want it, I want to lick it all. She knows how you want it, she knows what she can get from you, she pulls your head towards her legs in what's between. The black leather dress splits and your dick is directed more to her, near her. She smiles and knows that it is a sign for her mouth work. ''Can I do it?'' she asks, ''can I massage my head with your dick, would you let me, hmmmm?'' ''Oh yesss,....yes....'' She says: ''I want you to let me, so much. This is heavens work, these juices are making me out of this world.'' Lick by lick, then directing towards her eyes, because she felt that you want to make it come soon. She is gently, very, with her hands and face, it just glides so easily. Like the two of you are ment to cum all over each other. She starts deep throat massage, like you never had before. And does it one time, two times, 100 times in a row. Everytime you got more and more erections. So many erections you can not choose when to come. Because of her energy combined with yours. She just moans deeply, deeply and smelling you deeply and breathing. ''Pull me, pull me, drag me to your dick again...''
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