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I am new to findom specifically, but not necessarily fendom👸, I think it's best if I be myself. So... Hi I am Jazzlin👋 I am looking for a pay pig💵🐖, someone to use as a human atm🏦. In all honesty life has not been easy at any turn and I never believed I deserved it to ever be, but as more incredibly crazy events have accrued I've found that I have earned the right to happiness and a less chaotic life 10 times over.

I want to be able to explore that dominant part of myself more and life in general without worrying about bills all the time. I find that receiving money for the acknowledgment that I am beautiful and deserving of happiness really turns me on😍💁. Being able to be impulsive with money and wild and carefree and not having to be super cautious about money or someones feelings all the time makes me more dominant😈 and helps me find myself more and more. Findom is something that I need to explore for myself and I think more long term, but I am open to short term since I am a bit new to it.

I want my rent to be completely taken care of as well as anything to do with my apartment(initial furnishing, utilities, parking(if needed), money for groceries, wifi, etc). That's the main thing for me, but I am a very creative person🎨 and very right brained 🎭 which was always more of a hindrance growing up. I had crazy fantasies that would actually keep me from knowing what was happening in most of my classes🤷. I think findom might be just perfect for me I can explore🔎🕵️‍♀️ my creative side, my genuine side, my dominant side, and so much more. Maybe I'll finally figure out my balance between my demon side 😈and my angel side😇 lol😜. I am also extremely interested in blackmail, ignore sessions, and denial and/ or possibly being a key holder, but none of this is a requirement and depends more on the person and our connection. I love teasing and giving blue balls gives me so much satisfaction. I want someone who will be focused on my happiness. So yea, If that sounds interesting to you at all message me. Or if you have any advise that would be appreciated as well.

In need of a new phone📱 at the moment my back cameras broken and its a crime not to be able to take pictures of my ass to be worshipped🍑

KIK: just ask

Snapchat: Ask and maybe

Use: Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, Cash, Your card, or your account you make me/ card you give me

...be my human atm and make my panties wet and put a smile on my face

You can also find/ contact me on hepays:



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