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The science of sex
Sex is a topic that arouses all kinds of curious reactions from blushing and giggling to indignation. Yet, social mores and embarrassment notwithstanding, sex is crucially important. Without it, none of us would be here; in fact, life on Earth would probably not have evolved beyond some simple forms. Sexual reproduction—the fusion of gametes to recombine the parental genomes into a new genotype—probably emerged around 1.2 billion years ago among primitive eukaryotes. Needless to say, it quickly became a huge success: sex allowed evolution to switch gears from a leisurely walking pace to supersonic speed in the creation of new and increasingly complex forms of life: before sex, genetic diversity resulted only from the random mutation of genes. Sex changed this profoundly. Sexual reproduction mixes two sets of parental alleles and thereby creates greater diversity within a single generation than is possible with random mutation. Moreover, it means that potentially beneficial mutations are less likely to disappear. Instead, in diploid organisms, it would be stored together with other seemingly useless alleles, within a population's gene pool. These alleles are constantly and randomly shuffled to create new phenotypes better suited to survive and flourish in a changing world. In essence, sex greatly increases the generation of genetic and phenotypic diversity with which selection can work. Yet, while biologists acknowledge the huge importance of sex for evolution, the questions of how and why it emerged in the first place remain Escorts in Lahore Sex is not only important in evolutionary or biological terms it has also had a profound influence on human history, culture and society. Sex inspired Homer's Iliad, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Boccaccio's The Decameron, and countless other great works. How boring life would be without sex to stir our passions.
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